Antibiotics – superbugs


Antibiotics are given to intensively farmed animals on a daily / routine basis. Why? Well cram thousands of animals into a small space and the only way to prevent an outbreak of disease is to give them regular antibiotic treatments. Not when they need it, but because the environment is so disease friendly.

Yes it is true! See this NHS article and report by the Chief medical officer:

The super bug threat is a ‘ticking time bomb’. A report by the Chief medical office claims the concern is agricultural antibiotic use is driving up levels of antibiotic resistance, leading to new “superbugs”.

Google it: antibiotics used in farming

In simple terms the viruses mutate, they fight back. We have a limited amount of antibiotics to fight disease. Give it a laboratory environment (factory/intensive farming) to practice in and we create a super bug – An antibiotic resistant superbug.

See a study done at Harvard university:

A cinematic approach to drug resistance

Two main risks to humans: a) resistant bacteria makes it into the food chain b) you get an infection for example from a minor operation which can’t be treated by Antibiotics.

Hmm that bacon sandwich doesn’t taste quite so good now does it?

What can you do? The more intense the farming the greater the use of antibiotics, the use of antibiotics underpins the factory farming system. By buying intensively rearer meat you are funding the problem. Buy free range meat or better still buy organic meat that restricts the use of antibiotics to an ‘strictly as needed’ basis.

The Ethical omnivore.






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