A must read book

I highly recommend reading this book. You’ll learn things you probably won’t have ever considered. The writing style and balanced viewpoint make it a pleasure to read. The author doesn’t dictate his views, rather shares a wealth of experiences through his global investigations. Leaving the reader to digest and reflect.

Reviews – Lymbery brings to this essential subject the perspective of a seasoned campaigner–he is informed enough to be appalled, and moderate enough to persuade us to take responsibility for the system that feeds us. – Guardian Book of the Week

This eye-opening book, urging a massive rethink of how we raise livestock and how we feed the world, deserves global recognition. – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

A devastating indictment of cheap meat and factory farming. Don t turn away: it demands reading and deserves the widest possible audience. – Joanna Lumley

This incredibly important book should be read by anyone who cares about people, the planet, and particularly, animals. – Jilly Cooper

Offers the kind of realistic and compassionate solutions on which our prospects for a truly sustainable world depend. – Jonathon Porritt

This meaty account makes a distinctive and important contribution, eschewing the narrowly domestic focus of many of its predecessors in favour of a global investigation . . . An engaging read–and it also gives a full enough picture of the situation in the UK to preclude any smugness on the part of the British reader. Anyone after a realistic account of our global food chain, and the changes necessary for a sustainable future, will find much to get their teeth into here. – Felicity Cloake, New Statesman

There s no end to techno-idiocy in pursuit of profit. But far more concerning is Lymbery s contention that the wastefulness of feeding human-edible plants and fish to animals is not just absurd but catastrophic. The main reason for hacking down the remaining South American forest is to grow soy to feed the pigs and chickens of China. – Evening Standard

Shared link from Amazon. A book from Compassion in world farming (CIWF)

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