Chicken training

Chickens are highly intelligent. This video might look like chickens that I have trained to jump for cheese but actually it is chickens training me how to feed them cheese faster. They love cheese, organic cheese of course! check this out

All of the girls that live here learn very quickly that there is cheese in the fridge and any chance they get, they are straight in via the back door and queuing up at the fridge. They also know how to tap on the door to get our attention. They know when guests arrive and are straight out to check their supplies.

Why I am sharing this silly video? The concept of caging these birds is inconceivable and unnecessary, which is why caged hen eggs is our focus for January. Are you the checking labels on any food products that may contain eggs – if they don’t say free range, they are from caged hens. Eating out, ask if their eggs are free range.

Cluck cluck!

The photo is two chicks are were given from a school hatching project. They decided the washing machine was a great place to roost.

The ethical omnivore






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