Waitrose egg-cellent!

Waitrose is the only major UK supermarket to sell nothing but free range eggs in boxed form and as ingredients in their own brand products including their essential range. No barn eggs, no caged eggs, no exceptions. Whether you pick up Waitrose sponge cake, croissants, custard, fresh pasta, sauces etc read the label, they all contain free range eggs. (*note this only applies to Waitrose own brand, they do stock other brands that don’t use free range eggs).

e.g. ‘essential Waitrose fresh pasta spaghetti: Durum wheat semolina, pasteurised free range egg (15%), water’

Concerned that Waitrose is more expensive? A quick cost comparison:

  1. Fresh egg fusilli pasta. Waitrose = £3.20, Sainsbury = £3.20, Tesco = £3.75 (based on per kg)
  2. Frozen all butter croissants. Waitrose = £6.70, Sainsbury = £7.50, Tesco = £6.70 (based on per kg)

You will see a lot more posts referencing Waitrose, as they lead the way in terms of ethical choices for supermarket shoppers. They introduce their policies way before public pressure and focus is on these topics

If you want to review other supermarkets have a quick look on their websites. They all publish ingredients lists, search for the product and scroll down to the ingredients, you will find products that contain free range egg but it is not across the board. Remember if is doesn’t say free range it isn’t.

Waitrose that is a big thumbs up for me and the girls (hens), Egg-cellent work!

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