Wow no cow – and still a frothy coffee!

Being an ethical omnivore or ethivore means having choice. Choose grass fed or organic dairy or a dairy alternative, your choice. One problem, Mr Ethivore (Booba) loves his coffee, he researches the best beans, he grinds them, he spends half and hour working his noisy coffee machine, froths the milk and sits at the table looking lovingly and proudly at his coffee masterpiece. The idea that I was going to disrupt this ritual and introduce a milk alternative – no way!

I love a challenge so let the challenge commence, could we find a milk alternative that tasted good, was healthy and most importantly would keep Booba in the frothy coffee he had become accustomed?

We decided a tasting session was needed. I ordered a variety of the main milk alternatives, including soya, almond, coconut, rice and oat. I am so glad with did this as 4 out of the 5 didn’t work for us, it was the last one we tried that did. If we had tried only one or tried one a week we would have given up the mission and still be drinking dairy milk. It was the oat milk that won the vote in our house from the brand Oatly

I favour the Organic oat drink It is just made with oats, water (and tiny bit of salt). With similar fat content to skimmed milk 0.5%. It tastes great as a straight up drink, on cereal, hot chocolate and tea. Tip for tea, if it splits it is because the water has just boiled, let it cool slightly. And the real test was kids! I served it with their morning cereal and hey presto not even a facial micro movement. The carton was in plain sight, I didn’t hide the fact and not a peep. My opinion is that is tastes nicer than milk, it has a natural sweetness despite having lower sugar content than dairy milk. I’ve been continuing market research (in my kitchen) and found similar responses from everyone.

So what about Booba and the coffee? Well the clever people at Oatly obviously know people that are also passionate about frothy coffee, so they have made a Barista version. They add oil to the stabilise the drink and allow it to froth. It has similar fat content to full milk but has a fraction of the saturated fat. It works great in a ‘normal’ cup of coffee, it adds a rich creamy sweetness, so much so that people say it is the nicest cup of coffee they have had. Most importantly Booba is happy, the coffee ritual continues, followed by the same proud, loving look as he takes his first sip of his frothy coffee.

Another reason to favour the oat milk is because oats are grown on our continent, in our climate making it an environmentally good choice too.

Their a lots of milk alternatives available, the market has taken off massively in recent times. For a good guide try this good blog article if you try one but don’t like it don’t be put off try different products from different brands.

Avoid sweetened versions and check the labels for ingredients and nutritional values. Some alternatives are fortified with calcium, but don’t be restricted by this being your only option. Dairy is not the only source of calcium, far from it. Regardless of whether you drink dairy milk or not you should understand your calcium intake and adjust your diet accordingly, see this post for further information

Parting words, you have choice, you are not restricted to drinking dairy. If you do choose dairy make sure it is organic, see this post Also remember you don’t have to give up dairy in all areas you can drink oat milk but still choose to eat organic cheese for example. There are also great alternatives for ice cream, cream, yogurt. See my recipe for Cashew cream we use it as a replacement for cream is desserts, sour cream in fajitas and chilli, it is 100% hands down our preference to cream.


The EOr with Mr Ethivore




  1. Linda
    January 15, 2018 / 8:00 am

    Thanks for doing the research really useful – soya and almond milk didn’t work for me in tea – will add oat milk to my shop today.

    • ww1gc
      January 15, 2018 / 10:36 pm

      Look for the Oatly version in the brown carton, I didn’t like other brands. Did you see the post on cashew cream. If Lana hasn’t got you on it already, how a go it is amazing.

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