Happy cows – spring is coming

The best and healthiest milk comes from traditionally farmed cows that live in fields, eating grass. Watch this clip of cows being turned out onto the pasture after spending winter indoors. It says it all. Sadly not all cows enjoy… View Post

Buy British

If it can be grown or produced in the UK we should avoid buying imported versions. For example banana’s aren’t grown here, but apples are so look for UK origin apples. All animal products that we typically eat are farmed… View Post


Tostadas meaning toasted in Spanish, a simple, adaptable dish that is yummy and fun. You can make a 100% plant based (vegan), veggie, fish or meat version to suit. The recipe below is just an idea, you can add whatever… View Post

Woah – meet quinoa!

Hard to spell or pronounce (Keen-wa not Kin-oo-ah, as Mr Ethivore keeps telling me), It is all the rage so I decided to investigate. What I found out is fascinating. It was one of those things I had in the… View Post

What is a ‘plant powered diet’?

A whole food plant based diet, or plant powered diet (PP) is exactly that. It is preparing dishes from whole foods that grow naturally from the earth – soil, sun, rain. The food chain starts with plants, that is where… View Post