The best tomato ketchup ever

Why am I writing about Ketchup? Not normally a product associated with ethics in the food industry. Well this family staple serves as a great example of the how to assess the real value of the food we buy. It… View Post

Spaghetti Puy-ognese

A delicious veg based alternative to beef Bolognese. All dishes that are traditionally made with meat mince can be made with pulses; shepherds or cottage pie (try, chilli (try . A very healthy dish, great to aid weight loss, by reducing… View Post

White striping in chicken breast

Would you like extra fat with your chicken breast sir. A serving of muscle disorder perhaps? Known as white striping, it is a condition that affects nearly all chickens raised under intense conditions (factory farming). Look at any packet of… View Post

Organic milk and dairy – why?

‘If there is one organic product you should buy, it is dairy’. Not all milk is created equal. There is a lot of variation in the way milk is produced and a lot of negative press coverage about dairy farming. The… View Post

Cauliflower rice – amazing

Yes using chopped cauliflower in place of rice really does work. It is simple, tasty and a great way to reduce calories and starch whilst increasing nutrition. We ate it last night with 10 bean chilli. It smells a bit like… View Post