Ultra processed foods explained

This week the news has been full of reports that ultra processed foods (UPF) increase the risk of cancer. But what does that really mean? Hundreds of articles get published relating to food and health, foods that increase the risk of… View Post

Valentines day – have some heart

Mr Ethivore and I are having pan fried organic beef heart for our Valentines dinner. Sadly people don’t general eat heart anymore. It was my Dad that put me introduced me to it. We buy organic beef heart, liver and… View Post

Ramen – Japan we salute you

Warning Ramen is addictive! Fortunately it is easy to make and healthy. The majority of the recipes I post are veg dishes. We all know how to cook with meat and fish but most people don’t know how to cook… View Post

Fairtrade – it says it all

Fairtrade originated from the need to protect farmers and workers in developing countries. Today the Fairtrade label represents a global movement that guarantees better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade. Conventional trade traditionally takes advantage… View Post

10 bean and lentil chilli

Super easy, healthy and delicious. I love a bowl of spicy, rich, smokey chilli, it is high on my list of comfort foods. Mexican dishes are very well suited to reduced or zero meat dinners. Chilli was my first attempt… View Post