Fish – the forgotten farm animal

Fish are aquatic vertebrates that live in the sea and fresh water. Most fish have highly developed senses with excellent taste, smell and colour vision. They also have a ‘lateral line system’ of receptors that can detect the motion of currents, nearby fish and prey.

They are sentient animals: capable of feeling pain, and experiencing a range of emotions. Scientific evidence has revealed that fish are far more intelligent than people assume. They have long-term memories, complex social structures, problem solving abilities, and some have been seen using tools.

Yet the European Commission has a new fisheries policy which makes almost no reference to the welfare of farmed fish. Most of us forget to consider fish in the ethical debate. Fish is often the choice of the ‘part time’ vegetarian or people eating a ‘light or healthy’ diet. From all of my research into farmed fish and commercial wild fishing I have found it hard to find an ethical option other than going fishing myself. Then there are the health issues, fish in our modern world really isn’t a healthy option. To learn more I suggest reading this article (it is USA focused but depicts many global issues concisely) If you do eat fish, rethink you buying choices. See the CIWF buying guide, look for the MSC logo or buy Soil association organic fish.



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