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It is official, vegetables are amazing! We used to eat peas or broccoli with dinner, the odd carrot, a salad on a hot day. I would add veg as a side dish as an obligation to my ‘5 a day’ and had very little regard for vegetables in their own right.

Now I find veg exciting and I am proud to make them the main event. Swiss chard, kale, purple sprouting broccoli, artichokes, spring greens, beetroot, spinach, pak choi, courgette, leeks, brussels sprouts, fennel, rhubarb, chives flowers, the list go on and on.

Buy fresh and buy ‘real’ varieties, try things you’ve never tried before. We started growing our own veg and as ‘really’ lazy gardeners we found it very easy, you can grow veg in containers or in beds, throw some seeds in or buy some 50p plants from the market and see what takes. The photo below is veg I picked from the garden tonight, picked, chopped, oven roasted for 6 mins, delicious.

How you cook veg is important. I hardly ever use water and my favourite is roasting or dry frying. Try roasting curly kale, it is amazing. Take a bag of chopped curly kale, put in a roasting tray in an oven on about 180C, after 6-8 mins check and toss, it is done when the edges as crispy. Roast a tray of green veg, broccoli, sprouts, leeks, kale, stir spinach in at the end, you will be amazed by the flavours. The great thing is about veg is that you can’t under cook it, the majority of veg can be eaten raw so you are free to play. Pick, chop, cook, serve.


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