Gu desserts – no GuD for hens

Gu desserts is a luxury brand with an annual turnover of around £25M. Their individually packaged desserts for two people cost around £3.00 (between £15 – £25 per kg). This is between 1.5 and 3 times the cost of equivilent premium brand desserts (Tesco Finest / Waitrose).

For comparison (FR eggs = Free range eggs):

  • Chocolate melt middles – Gu = £1.50  / Tesco = £0.74 / Waitrose (FR egg) = £1.11 (per KG)
  • Lemon cheesecake – Gu = £1.90 / Tesco = £0.55 / Waitrose = £0.67 (FR eggs) (per KG)
  • NY cheesecake – Gu = £1.93 / Tesco = £1.53 (FR eggs) / Waitrose = £1.23 (FR eggs) (per KG)

A luxury product, slick packaging, high cost, I would expect top notch ingredients? Sadly not. I contacted Gu to confirm that their desserts were not made with free range eggs. Despite their wordy reply about their moral conscience as a company and promotion of their great tasting desserts the long and short was that they do not use free range eggs in their desserts. They advised that they use barn eggs and claimed this was due to a lack of availability of free range eggs.

I questioned this further on the basis that barn eggs makes up a mere 1.2% of egg production in the UK versus 48% from free range eggs I got a second similarly lengthy yet contentless reply adding that it was a cost decision. I hoped to find something to persuade me not to find fault in these facts but I kept coming back to the same conclusion. They sell the most expensive desserts on our supermarkets shelves and yet they are penny pinching on ingredients, hoping that none of us would notice or care?

When we buy a product and support a brand we are voting for what we think is acceptable. Read the labels and place the right vote. Brands that lead the way and don’t wait for consumer pressure get my vote every time.

Gu is owned by Noble foods, acquired in 2009 for an estimated £35M. Noble foods is the UK largest egg producer, handling over 60 million eggs per week.






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  1. Linda
    January 12, 2018 / 11:19 pm

    Good research Detective Pritchard – I will not be purchasing GU again!

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