Why Go Ethivore?

Everything you need to know for a healthy, varied and ethical diet. Pause Netflix it is time for a reality check. The food industry is in crisis, it really is screwed…

  • Public health scares
  • Widespread systemic animal cruelty
  • GMOs entering the food chain
  • destruction of the rain forests
  • misuse of antibiotics leading to superbugs
  • massive areas of soil erosion
  • omega 3 and 6 imbalances
  • devastating pollution of our seas
  • decimation of bees and wild birds
  • bacteria laden meat in our kitchens
  • family farms going bust, factory farms on the increase
  • Bill Gates investing in weird science
  • extinction of wild animals
  • food has never been cheaper yet millions of people are starving …do you need to hear any more

Agri business is HUGE, it a multi billion pound industry, it is up there with defence, oil, pharmaceuticals and controlled at the highest levels of government. Guess what? – you are the most powerful person in agri business, the consumer. Agri business needs to control what you buy and all aspects of food production and distribution, this is how they make their huge profits, something they are doing very successfully

Why? Because we don’t want to know what goes on behind closed doors, in windowless sheds housing 1000’s of chickens or pigs, dairies with no pasture, rows upon rows of caged chickens laying eggs, chemical pools thick with salmon, we look the other way, we don’t ask questions, we tuck into our dinner, we marvel at how cheap chicken is and we quickly forget one health scandal to the next. We are the walking dead, marketing led zombies.

Food should be a delight, it should be nourishing, full of flavour, it should build communities, support our landscape, work with nature, but the majority of food we choose everyday, that we buy in supermarkets and eat in restaurants is really none of these things.

So what can you do about it, and where do you start? Simple, join us and gain the knowledge you need to make the right choices to enjoy an ethical, healthy and varied diet.

If you AGREE with any of these statement then Go Ethivore and become an ethical omnivore.

  1. ‘You are what you eat’, good diet choices directly benefit our health and our lives.
  2. Humans, animals and the environment should not suffer so that the food industry can make bigger profits.
  3. Food should be produced in a way that doesn’t puts both our short and longer term health at risk.
  4. We should support good farming practices to ensure continued access to great tasting food that is good value and high quality.

Everyone is welcome, whether you change 1% or 100% – every change counts.

Start today – Ethical Omnivore 101 (the basics):

  1. Support independent ethical farming – You can find better produce at a better price by cutting out the middle men. A direct farmer to consumer marketplace would really enhance our food choices.
  2. Avoid all factory farmed animal productschoose free range, organic, grass fed, traditionally produced.
  3. Make time to cookLoosing the ability to cook a wide variety of food, slow cooking meat, really enjoying veg, understanding pulses really reduces our food choices and control over our diets.
  4. Waste not want notuse up left overs, don’t over buy, cook and serve food. Think about how much food you throw away and work to reduce waste.
  5. Embrace a plant based dietthe easiest way to a healthy diet and freedom to choose is to understand how to enjoy a plant based diet. I’ll help you!
  6. Cut down on your intake of animal products – replace with veg, grain, legumes etc
  7. Raise your expectationsfor all produce, animal or plant to be good quality. If it isn’t change your supplier, rethink what you buy.
  8. Ask questions and read labelsquestion what is considered ‘normal’ and don’t make assumptions. Fancy restaurants or smart packaging doesn’t mean ethical produce.
  9. Open your mind Being an omnivore doesn’t mean we can’t access and use technics, ingredients, information normally reserved for veggie diets.
  10. Take responsibility for your own diet and health – Don’t rely on the industry for a healthy diet, their view point is biased and focused on profit. Read and learn, all the information you need is out there.

We have lots of great information so keep reading, your feedback is essential so keep sharing!

P.S. If you want to learn more about us please read the ‘About’ page on our website. http://www.ethicalomnivore.co.uk/dir/about We are a not-for-profit organisation focused on sharing useful information about the food industry, good food and healthy eating to benefit us all.









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