Don’t freak out

Don’t freak out. Make small changes, one at a time. Focus on something simple and keep working at it until it becomes second nature.

When we start to question things and make changes it is often overwhelming. I say this from personal experience. It is always hard to start doing something new, especially when it involved making an effort.

It is easier to give up before you really get started. It is easier not to bother than to try and fail. We have all done it, especially when we are trying to give something up or make a significant change. Trying to get fit, deciding to read all your emails before you leave work, keeping your car clear, giving up drinking, saving money – (now you’ve got an insight into my world).

Physiologists could explain the reasons for all this. My simple view is that our attempts to change often fail because we try to do too much at once. We overload and pressure ourselves and we check out before we have really checked in.

Me and Mr Ethivore didn’t conscientiously decide to cut anything out and it didn’t happen over night. It happened step by step and we learnt as we went along. Small changes add up and they are easier to stick with. Whether you make one change or a series of changes it is all counts. If 100 people change 1% it is the same of 1 person changing 100% so if lots of us make even the smallest of changes the overall impact is very powerful.

For the record we have successfully changed our diets from 90/10 to 10/90 (I’ll explain more in another post), but the rest of it not so good, I’ll clean my car if I ever have to give you a lift!

Trying, one step at a time.

The Ethical omnivore.





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