The best tomato ketchup ever

Why am I writing about Ketchup? Not normally a product associated with ethics in the food industry. Well this family staple serves as a great example of the how to assess the real value of the food we buy.

It is easy to look at the label, see organic and think hmm, ‘it might be slightly better’, look at the price and wonder if it is worth the difference. So what is the difference?

The difference is huge! There are 600g of tomato per 100g of Mr Organic ketchup. Compare that to standard Heinz at 148g per 100g, Heinz organic ketchup 180g per 100g and a similar price to Mr O and Tiptree which is considered a premium brand (By appointment to Her Majesty The Queen) coming in at the highest cost per KG, but still only 180g per 100g.

Tesco value is 116g per 100g so the smart money is to either buy a supermarket value product or to buy a branded product that really is a quality product and worth the extra money. It is worth looking past the labelling and questioning what a brand represents.

Overall, because it is so rich we end up using less so the cost equals out. I’d never buy anything else now. If I am honest I am a bit in love with Mr Organic, he is my kind of guy!

Parting thoughts – Some companies put a lot of money into marketing and branding with the focus of driving up profit and others companies create a product they are really proud of. That is the one that is worth the extra cost. With everything you buy, look to support producers that have everyones best interesting in mind and are genuinely passionate about creating a great product.





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