Knock out roast dinner alternative

We all know how to cook a meat roast for Christmas (well maybe that isn’t true given the stress everyone seems to report!) but what about an alternative for any veggie, planty or vegany guests. The internet is packed with recipes and I love searching for new ideas.

I was delighted to find this mushroom wellington recipe. It was truly knockout. Great served as a roast or cold the next day. Don’t just reserve for your veggie guests it will please everyone. I served it with roasties, braised red cabbage, sliced and roasted brussel sprouts with balsamic, roast parsnips and a  fig gravy. It is also really easy to make.

Usually I will adapt a recipe and publish my own version, but I made this and recommend making it as is from the creators website The website is very cool as it shows a video for each step which I found really helpful.

I used ‘Jus-rol’ shortcrust pastry, (which is made with oil so it is suitable for vegans). The recipe states two blocks of 500g pastry, I just used one as I prefer less pastry. I rolled it out thinly and folded it over and ‘mound’. If you have time and want to make your own, I recommend looking for a recipe for shortcrust pastry made with olive oil.

To make a sauce or gravy without meat based gravy granules, I use approx 150ml veg stock (instant bouillon), 100ml of wine then add flavour you desire. For this dish I added 4 tsp of a fig chutney I had in the fridge. Simmer or add some cornflour until thickened to your liking.

I would eat this any time of the year, it was a smash success!!!



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