Quails – small egg, big problems

Most of us don’t buy quail eggs on our weekly shop, but the topic of the quail eggs is a perfect example of our perceptions and how massive welfare issues can go unnoticed. Quail eggs look cute, they are exotic,… View Post

Marketing – YOU are their secret weapon

Gu desserts – no GuD for hens

Gu desserts is a luxury brand with an annual turnover of around £25M. Their individually packaged desserts for two people cost around £3.00 (between £15 – £25 per kg). This is between 1.5 and 3 times the cost of equivilent… View Post

Coffee – our roving reporter reports

Mr Ethivore (AKA Booba) is always on the hunt for a coffee on his way to work. He aims to buy a non dairy milk alternative mocha-choco-chino (flat white). Today he reported ‘Wow, Starbucks had coconut, oat and almond milk… View Post

Only 3% of us get enough fibre

Whilst most of us worry about getting enough protein or calcium the reality is the biggest deficiency in our diets is fibre. 97% do not get enough fibre. Fibre only exists in plant based foods, vegetables, grain, fruit, beans etc… View Post