Factory farming – The Elephant in the room

It is hard to believe that the choice you make when browsing in a supermarket in your home town in the UK can be having an effect on the survival of Elephants in Sumatra. Well it is true, factory farming… View Post

Three Michelin stars

Arpège a three star Michelin (1 of around 100 in the world) holder since 1996, in 2001 Alain changed his whole approach and menu from meat to vegetables. He retained his three stars and now celebrates 20 years as a… View Post

Fish – the forgotten farm animal

Fish are aquatic vertebrates that live in the sea and fresh water. Most fish have highly developed senses with excellent taste, smell and colour vision. They also have a ‘lateral line system’ of receptors that can detect the motion of… View Post

Love veg

It is official, vegetables are amazing! We used to eat peas or broccoli with dinner, the odd carrot, a salad on a hot day. I would add veg as a side dish as an obligation to my ‘5 a day’… View Post

Waitrose egg-cellent!

Waitrose is the only major UK supermarket to sell nothing but free range eggs in boxed form and as ingredients in their own brand products including their essential range. No barn eggs, no caged eggs, no exceptions. Whether you pick up… View Post