Chicken training

Chickens are highly intelligent. This video might look like chickens that I have trained to jump for cheese but actually it is chickens training me how to feed them cheese faster. They love cheese, organic cheese of course! check this… View Post

Calcium and the dairy debate

Whether you are interested in health, animal welfare or both the topic of milk and dairy is well worth exploring. With lots of information about zero grazing dairies, the use of drugs in diary and the health implications of consuming… View Post

Support UK reared Rose veal

*Please read this carefully. The distinction is ROSE veal raised in the UK only. ‘Veal’ is a dirty work in the UK and so it should be if it were ‘white’ or ‘milk-fed’ veal. The 80’s campaigns against the cruel… View Post

EGGS – caged hen eggs

Regardless of the images on a box, always read the smaller print. Clever marketing and branding, bright colourful packaging has misled many shoppers into believing that ‘Big and fresh’ is a good choice. Beware the eggs are from caged hens,… View Post

Food industry – new Netflix series

Well work a watch, (even just this trailer). It is USA centric but the issues are global, we have and continue to adopt a lot of their practices so this is a view into our future (not too distant).