Free range eggs – Consumer pressure works

Our focus for January is free range eggs, boxed and as ingredients. It is amazing how such a small thing can make sure a huge difference. Hellman’s using about 331 million eggs annually. Chickens lay around 1 egg per day,… View Post

The protein myth

Where does protein come from? We have to eat meat and dairy for protein, don’t we? Protein has played a huge part in the marketing and promotion of meat, dairy and eggs. Ask anyone (except me) where protein comes from… View Post

Why don’t we love pigs?

We are a nation of animal lovers. Dogs are a mans best friend. A clip of a fox on a trampoline gets 500,000 FB likes, so where did it go so wrong for pigs? Pigs can often outsmart dogs and… View Post

Good steak should never be chewy!!

One of the best dishes going is Steak and chips. It is a treat we eat very occasionally, one of my favourites and something I am very passionate about. It breaks my heart to see people sawing away at meat,… View Post

Beans beans good for your heart…

We can’t talk about a plant based diet and beans without taking about wind, farts, flatulence. A lot of people are talk to have a great fear of beans and their supposed ability to blow a hole in their designer… View Post