Ethical Omnivore 101 (the basics)

With a sea of information to read and digest it would be easy to get lost. Here is summary of the basics to get you started, my top ten. Support independent ethical farming – You can find better produce at a better price by cutting out… View Post

Spud’s shepherdless pie

I have discovered that green or puy lentils make a perfect substitute for beef or lamb mince in dishes such as spaghetti bolognese, shepherds pie, cottage pie, chilli etc. Simply make the same dish using lentils instead of mince, (cooking the… View Post

A must read book

I highly recommend reading this book. You’ll learn things you probably won’t have ever considered. The writing style and balanced viewpoint make it a pleasure to read. The author doesn’t dictate his views, rather shares a wealth of experiences through… View Post

Antibiotics – superbugs

Antibiotics are given to intensively farmed animals on a daily / routine basis. Why? Well cram thousands of animals into a small space and the only way to prevent an outbreak of disease is to give them regular antibiotic treatments. Not… View Post

Cows eat grass?

Yes they did, but not anymore! Cows are sadly now also part of the factory farming machine. Dairy cows and meat cows are increasingly being intensively farmed with little or no access to grazing. They don’t leave the shed, they stand… View Post