Factory farming – 50 billion animals a year

Notice the fields are empty? Drive down the motorway, where have they all gone. It is essential to understand that this is not about questioning farmer Giles or complaining about Old Macdonald farm. Around two in every three farm animals are… View Post

You are still buying caged eggs

Who is still buying them? Well it turns out all of us are. Whether you pick up boxes of free range eggs or not the chances are you are still buying caged eggs in some form. 51%* of eggs produced in the… View Post

Rediscover mutton

http://www.muttonrenaissance.org.uk Mutton is sheep that is over 2 years old. Well-grown mutton to be one of the finest meats produced on the British isles. While mutton may be difficult to find in your local butcher, it is widely available on… View Post

Organic Dairy

I read this years ago, ‘if there is one organic product you should buy it is dairy’. The health benefits of organic milk include having higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids and CLA, more antioxidants, and more vitamins than regular… View Post

Diet beating illness

Ironically my initial research into diet relating to health was in isolation from my research into ethical eating, I hadn’t joined the dots but I quickly found the two go hand in hand. All of the same topics kept coming… View Post