OMG! – Omega-3 and 6

Have you ever wondered why we are told to eat more omega-3, why is omega-6 considered the ‘bad one’, is oily fish really the best source of omega-3 and why are they called ‘essential’ fatty acids? I feel like I’ve… View Post

Oats – super simple, super food

I love oats, an everyday superfood. A long list of health benefits, easy to cook, yummy and cheap as chips. Best of all they can aid in weight loss! Oats are among the healthiest grains and most nutrient-dense foods you can eat,… View Post

Wild about salmon?

  Wow there is a huge difference between farmed and wild salmon. Nutritionally it is a completely different product. Farmed salmon is higher in calories, fat and saturated fat. People eat salmon due to it being a good source of… View Post

If you eat chicken, read this

Grow fast, die young, (very young) – The modern broiler (meat) chicken, typically a Ross 308 or Cobb 500 is a very different animal to the one we envisage peaking around the farm yard. Huge investment has been made by the industry… View Post

Herefordshire – beautiful open countryside and…..

Check out this interactive map of factory farming per county. We live on the Herefordshire and Worcestershire border, we love this area, the countryside around us is stunning. Rolling green pastures in every direction, yet there are 17 million farm… View Post